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Nightshift Dispatcher

Need steady updates? Don’t fret and trust us. Everyone needs things to be done timely and our dealers need ceaseless updates. At this moment, we know that you’re overburdened so let us be your advocate.

Tracking Chip

We live in this world where technology has taken away all our worries and gives us a chance to spark. Our GPS tracks your locations and makes sure you’re all right. It traces your vehicle and lets us know where you are.

Management Updates

Everything is up-to-date here. We keep your Transportation management system (TMS) updated so it can be easy the check and balance.

Supplying EFS

Whatever you need, wherever you need. Calling for a service fuel or a Lumper change, our dispatchers won’t leave you alone. 

Email/Phone Updates

Our buyers and brokers need ceaseless updates so here we are making it easy for them to communicate. Let us be a part of this.

ELD Records

Crossing a legal boundary is a BIG NO! So we have well-thought and experienced dispatchers to keep you on the legal track.




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